See How CROs Are Adding Additional Bottom Line Rev (6 Figs+) By Offering Student Loan Relief Services


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In This Webinar We Reveal:

  • How we’re generating an EXTRA 7 Figures a Year with student loan services...and how we’re helping other CROs like you get similar results.

  • 8 ways to help your customers with student loan relief… while creating a substantial secondary income stream for your CRO business

  • The “secret strategy” to use Student Loan Consolidation (SLC) to get hard to remove derogatory student loan accounts deleted from credit reports

  • How to price your student loan services where they’re affordable and you attract lots of customers… while still earning MASSIVE profits

  • How to have your customers’ student loans completely forgiven...where you become the hero while earning an additional 6-figs in the process.

CROs Who Are Crushing It Offering Student Loan Relief Services:

Kelly Armstrong is crushing it! She gained 6 clients within a couple of days of taking the course!

Tom says this course is a must have for every CRO!

Aaron shares how he has made thousands of dollars after learning how to help clients with their loans himself!

Frequently Asked Questions By CROs:

Can I offer these services to the general public or does it have to only be offered to current credit repair clients?

You can offer this service to ANYONE who needs help with their student loan debt. You are not restricted to only offering it to your credit repair clients. On the contrary, you can actually cross sell your credit repair services to clients who come to you for student loan help and sell student loan help to clients who come to you for credit repair! This is all about generating an additional stream of income into your business!

Can I run this service as a stand alone business that is separate from my Credit Repair business?

Yes, you can offer Student Loan Relief Services as a stand alone business. And the best part, is that unlike credit repair services, Student Loan Relief services are not bound by CROA!

How much can I charge for this service?

On average, most companies charge between $599 - $999 for Student Loan Relief Services. Some companies collect their fees as a one time payment, others allow customers to break the fee up into monthly payments. It's up to you how you'd like to charge!

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